About Our Organization

Our goal is to aggressively seek-out, recruit, and hire United States Military Veterans.  As the company name suggests, we are committed to our service members and will provide them opportunities for a second career.  We have established a goal of at least a 95% military veteran workforce.  This goal will be achieved by registering with military transition offices to connect with service members even before they separate from the military

Foundation for Success


AVS firmly adopts the concepts and ideals to provide the best value and superior quality to all customers. Providing the best value requires proactive leadership, effective management, efficient cost controls, and excellent quality management.  AVS has carefully crafted business processes and procedures to ensure consistency across the company.  AVS processes and procedures are based on over 35 years of experience that provide easy to follow and fully ISO compliant quality procedures. A clear vision of the future sets the stage for focused business activity. Establishing realistic and achievable goals and objectives that are aligned with the business strategy create the foundation for success.  The full and open exchange of ideas encourage creativity and builds trust with employees and customers.  Leadership's commitment to continuous improvement recognizes the status-quo must always be challenged.


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